What Would You Punch?

What Would You Punch?

Today on the Friday Z Morning Zoo, our four hosts played a brand new game, cleverly titled “What Would You Punch?” It’s the brainchild of our own Josh Feinblatt. He thinks about punching things a lot, so he turned it into a new segment. It’s sort of concerning but we’re rolling with it because we love him.

Friday’s Assistant Producer, Kate, came up with the questions. She offered two options, and the hosts had to choose to punch one or the other. Here’s how they answered:

Question 1: What would you punch? The world’s fluffiest pillow, or a memory foam mattress?
Josh, Shrut Loops, and Matt answered the pillow, while Ariel opted to punch the memory foam mattress.
Question 2: What would you punch? A venomous snake or a hungry crocodile?
All four hosts agreed to punch the crocodile, Josh specifically stating that he “knows how to handle a croc,” whatever that means.
Question 3: What would you punch? Grandma or Grandpa?
After the series of horrified gasps, all four hosts, again, agreed to punch Grandpa. Ariel said that her grandfather fought in the war, and that “he could take it.” We’d like to meet Ariel’s grandfather someday because he sounds awesome.
Question 4: What would you punch? A homeless orphan or a child with cancer?
At this question, the hosts were ready to throw the AP out of the studio because she was so horrible. After much debate, Ariel, Matt, and Shrut Loops decided to punch the homeless orphan. Josh took a different approach, opting instead to punch the child with cancer because “they’re probably in a hospital and there are medical services near by.”
Final Question (asked only to Ariel and Shrut Loops): What would you punch? Matt or Josh?
Both immediately agreed to punch Josh in lightning speed.

That’s it for “What Would You Punch”! Do you agree with our hosts’ answers? Tell us, and make sure to tune into the Friday Morning Zoo next week from 6-10 AM!

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