Tuesday Shenanigans

Your party station, Z89!

Tuesday Shenanigans

So today we were down one toolish lead host and needless to say things got…well…interesting.

1.Sam and Matt deodorized LIVE on air.


2. Starch Madness progressed into the Sweet Sixteen!!!!! Vote Now and Watch A Rab and Marcel determine this week’s big tie between corn muffin and corn on the cob.


3. JP showed up for game notes while in Houston…but Marco who is actually in Syracuse was no where to be found… So our hosts created their own version of game notes which went a little something like this:




All: Lady Gaga….. GREAT PIPES!

Marcel: *ding*

4. Matt talked about his pee (or the lack there of).

5. A Rab called out Matt for wearing white, dad socks. #embarrassing #calledout

So, I guess we can host a show without JP, but we certainly missed him (Kat especially).

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