The (Not So) Grand Finale

Your party station, Z89!

The (Not So) Grand Finale

So today we sign off for the final time as your Tuesday Zoo Crew of Spring 2016. There have been tears, laughs, smiles, whines, dancing, singing, and most importantly, no sleep. Today has been no different from any of our other shows; just straight-up weird.

We started out with some “Wakin’ Up Mad or Glad” and Matt tried to make “Wakin’ Up Sad” a thing and everyone was certainly opposed. A RAb was ummm… well…not wakin’ up at all so Matt had to break the news as an A Rab imitator which was so very interesting.

Then we found out the winner of STARCH MADNESS!!!!!!! It was close but bagel came out on top!

Then we chatted about MayFest and Block Party. Hot takes on that include:

  1. Kat still has yet to get a Corn Dog
  2. JP in an extra small tank…
  3. Jerseys, Jerseys everywhere (smh)
  4. THE Chainsmokers
  5. DREW
  6. Marcel should have met them #NotBitter
  7. Sam and Matt did meet them #NotBitter

We finally decided that JP is officially a tool and when he’s not being a tool, he’s doing a poor imitation of Kelly Ripa, but this is nowhere near as poor as Matt’s attempt to hit the Quan….

Thank you so much for listening to us be idiots this year! We had a glorious time performing for you all; they say we have great faces for radio. Special thanks to WJPC for making our show a tool-tactic time. See you on Live With Kelly and John Paul! This is Marcel blogging off 🙂

Hot Take of the Week: No Fog in Utah

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