The Best Show We’ve Ever Had (In a While)

Your party station, Z89!

The Best Show We’ve Ever Had (In a While)

So the Tuesday Zoo is all back together and needless to say things got incredibly strange. JP, Kat and Marcel planned the entire show and needless to say, this should happen every week. The bomb was dropped when we all found out that two of our hosts KISSED!!!! We call them mom and dad, but no one was expecting the Instagram post by our own Samantha that we woke up to this past Saturday morning. If you haven’t seen it yet, wow you’ve missed out.

Marcel had quite an interesting past couple of weeks..but she’s writing this so we don’t need to rehash it. We also had one of the shortest on air segments in Z Morning Zoo history…another thing that should probably never be mentioned again.

We then talked about the most important part of our Tuesday Zoo: STARCH MADNESS. We are in the final four and it’s game time people!!! Got to vote to see your faves in the final game!

Hot Take of the Week: A Rab is actually a young JP.


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