Month: March 2016

Your party station, Z89!

Easter egg hunt turns ugly

Who knew you had to watch your back at an easter egg hunt? On March 28, Connecticut adults rushed a children's easter egg hunt and took everything from the field. Children were left "traumatized" and "hysterically crying." What a crazy way to spend your holiday! Check out the full story here.
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Can you eat a car?

A man tried to buy a car with his food stamp card! It cost $60,000, but he was rejected at the dealership. So, naturally he came back the next night and stole the car. Here's the kicker: the cops caught him because he ran out of gas. He was found with the keys of 60 other vehicles too...insane!! The quote of the day from Wednesday Zoo was "You can't eat a car." So no, you can't buy a car with a...
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Glass ‘Skyslide’ coming to Los Angeles

The U.S. Bank Tower in Los Angeles is getting a new tourist attraction called the Skyslide. For $8 plus a $25 admission fee to the tower, you can ride a glass slide from the 70th floor down to the 69th floor outside of the building. The slide will open on June 25, 2016. Check out the full store here
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No Meghan Trainor

Wednesday Zoo LOVES Meghan Trainor's new song 'No'. It's catchy, and has a great upbeat tempo. However, we're not such big fans of the music video. It's a lot of fishnets, irrelevant dance moves, and intense eye contact. Besides, we think Ginger Meg pulls off the red hair much better than Meghan Trainor. Check it out and tweet @Z89 radio and let us know if you feel the same way about the music...
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Starch Madness

This week's Tuesday Zoo story has to be no other than #STARCHMADNESS. This week, the Bachelor is over and the Starches are ready to fight for your love more than Lace was ready to cut a bish for Ben's attention. There are four conferences just as there are in the much less popular basketball version of this spring silliness and they are: the potatoes, the pastas, the breads, and the foods with...
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