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New Girl's Schmidt Returns to His Alma Mater

2014-04-02 15:20:48

IMG_2675By Eva Zymaris (Z89 Radio) He has this smile that’s contagious.

His presence has this ability to light up a room. While he’s only a character, Schmidt was very much alive at last night’s “Schmidt at S.U.” event.

Actor Max Greenfield, from the hit Fox sitcom “New Girl,” visited Syracuse University to deliver a premature – err, commencement – speech to the class of 2014. “You can try and plan, but it never works out the way you think it will,” Greenfield joked. “Aren’t you guys good at that broadcast thing?”

Greenfield kept up this dysfunctional commencement-style of speech for about twenty minutes, trying to impart as much wisdom upon the students as possible. “I don’t think there’s an answer to any of it.” While his remarks garnered laughter from the student body, his words actually carried some weight. “It all works out.”

Not bad advice for seniors entering the real world in a matter of weeks, right?

In all seriousness, the character of Schmidt is particularly important to the Syracuse University community. Why, you might ask? Because Schmidt attended S.U. as a Television, Radio, & Film major and often makes Central New York references throughout the show.

So, naturally, it was exciting to host “one of our own” back at their alma mater – despite being completely rooted in fiction. After hilarious, breath-grasping banter, Greenfield wanted to hear from the students. For forty minutes, he answered questions about the show’s plot line (trying to not reveal too much, of course); his own personal life, which eventually led to him singing parts of “Let It Go” from “Frozen”; and even took a selfie with one lucky fan. “Now all of you can’t ask for selfies too, okay?” Greenfield remarked.

With every question, came a very familiar, Schmidt-like answer. One fan, who openly admitted to how nervous she was, meekly asked: “What’s it like being so devilishly handsome?” This was quickly followed by a smile and a subtle laugh behind the podium in Goldstein Auditorium. “It’s the burden I have to bear,” Greenfield said. “I wake up every morning and say, how am I going to live like this?”

But one of the most interesting answers came from the most ordinary question. “What drew you to the character of Schmidt?” In an unaffected tone, Greenfield replied: “It was a job.” That’s it, nothing more.

Greenfield went on to explain that he “didn’t work much” leading up to “New Girl,” so just landing a role, was more than enough. “But now, this has been my life for the past three years.”

Through the way he spoke, the audience could sense his unyielding gratitude towards the opportunities “New Girl” has afforded him. In a very humble tone, he stated: “[Speaking at S.U.] has to be one of the coolest things I have ever done.” And this, was possibly one of the coolest things Greenfield (and Schmidt) could have done for Syracuse University.

It felt as though, even just for one night, that he was part of the campus family. And to us, it was so good to welcome him home.

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ICYMI: Monday Morning Zoo - Shopping Carts

2014-03-31 17:20:20

empty_shopping_cart By The Monday Morning Zoo The Monday Z Morning Zoo decided to spark a debate about shopping cart etiquette.

Isn’t it just the worst when people leave their shopping carts everywhere at a grocery store? Lukas and Nadine say people who leave their shopping carts in the middle of the aisles in shopping centers impede people while they are trying to shop.

Meanwhile, Jeff said those who just leave their carts in the middle of the parking lot, taking up spaces and possibly hitting cars, are the worst.

What do you think? Take a listen to the Zoo and comment here to let us know what you think about people who leave their carts everywhere or if you’re someone who leaves their carts in the aisles or parking lot.

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Slump Busted: SU blasts Western Michigan

2014-03-21 08:26:15

ncaa-march-madnessBy Robert Bacaj (Z89 Sports) – Entering the first Syracuse game in the 2014 NCAA Tournament, the buzzword surrounding SU since its 25-0 start was ‘slump.’ The Orange had lost five of its last seven games. It bowed out of the ACC Tournament after losing its first game.

Leaving the game, the only word was ‘wow.’ Third-seeded Syracuse followed a strong shooting performance from Trevor Cooney to cruise past the 14-seed Western Michigan, 77-53.

Cooney missed his first three-point attempt of the game. Then the slump-busting began. He drilled the next one. And the next one. The redshirt-sophomore wound up with a game-high 18 points. He was four-for-eight on his three-point attempts.

“My confidence was never down,” said Cooney. “It was just about coming out and hitting it.”

His threes opened the lane for Jerami Grant’s fireworks. The sophomore had four highlight-reel caliber dunks. Grant finished with 16 points and five rebounds. Ennis also finished in double figures with 16 points and six assists, while C.J. Fair had 14 points and 11 rebounds for a double-double.

The Orange defense was also stellar. The 2-3 zone gave Western Michigan fits in the first half. It forced 11 turnovers.

“You can’t really prepare for it,” said Broncos head coach Steve Hawkins.

Western Michigan only shot 35% in the game and particularly struggled in the opening frame. The Broncos went into the break with just 21 points. In the post, Western Michigan’s Shayne Whittington was limited to 11 points in the game.

“I thought Rak (Christmas) and Baye (Mousse Keita) did a really good job making it hard for (Whittington),” said Jim Boeheim.

Next Up

Syracuse next plays 11-seed Dayton on Saturday. The Flyers lost to Baylor by a point in the semi-final of the Maui Invitational, which SU won in November.

“I thought they were the second best team in Maui,” Boeheim said, adding that he expected to play them in the Invitational final.

Boeheim got a chance to scout Dayton at the early-season tournament and also watched the team’s first round upset of sixth-seeded Ohio St.

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SU bows out of ACC Tournament with 66-63 loss

2014-03-14 23:47:27

ACC logoBy Gabe Altieri (Z89 Sports) - “Many times I’d felt alone, but until tonight I’ve never felt completely lonely.”

Those the words of Lt. John Dunbar in “Dances with Wolves,” but the same could be said for Syracuse, as it fell to NC State in the ACC Tournament Quarterfinals 66-63, on Friday.

Tomorrow, it will be a month since then-#1 Syracuse spent its ninth life, escaping NC State in the Carrier Dome to improve to 25-0. Since then, SU’s lost 5 of 7, barely got to say hello to Greensboro and has kissed a one-seed in the NCAA tournament goodbye.

“We’ve been able to get back in the games and when we get back in them, we’ve been able to make good plays down the stretch. And tonight we made two offensive fouls and we took a bad shot when we had the two point lead,” said Jim Boeheim after the game.

…and maybe nothing personifies Syracuse’s recent woes better than those final two minutes. Four of the recent five losses have been two possession games or less. Earlier, the Orange was winning those games. Take the first matchup with NC State. With SU down one and under ten seconds to play, Rakeem Christmas stole the ball and hit Fair in transition for the go-ahead layup. Tonight, Syracuse got six shots off in the 20+ seconds and none hit. Zero. Zilch.

No, SU moves toward the NCAA tournament. There won’t be any anxious feeling on selection Sunday. The Orange isn’t on the bubble, and, now, it isn’t in contention for the #1 seed. Still, as Syracuse fans watch their team enter the court in the Big Dance, there will be a resounding feeling among all donning Orange. A nervous feeling of pending loneliness that didn’t seem fathomable just one month ago, but is all too real now.

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