Welcome To The ALL NEW Z89 Website!

If you're reading this post it means you've found the all new website for your party station! Here on our site you'll find information about our music, news, and sports shows. Most importantly though - you can listen to Z89 right here live online. We also got a bunch of other cool stuff like information about our contests and events. This is also the place to check out all of your favorite Z89...
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What Would You Punch?

Today on the Friday Z Morning Zoo, our four hosts played a brand new game, cleverly titled "What Would You Punch?" It's the brainchild of our own Josh Feinblatt. He thinks about punching things a lot, so he turned it into a new segment. It's sort of concerning but we're rolling with it because we love him. Friday's Assistant Producer, Kate, came up with the questions. She offered two options,...
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Your party station, Z89!

The (Not So) Grand Finale

So today we sign off for the final time as your Tuesday Zoo Crew of Spring 2016. There have been tears, laughs, smiles, whines, dancing, singing, and most importantly, no sleep. Today has been no different from any of our other shows; just straight-up weird. We started out with some "Wakin' Up Mad or Glad" and Matt tried to make "Wakin' Up Sad" a thing and everyone was certainly opposed. A RAb...
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